Three Helpful Tips for Beginners

Merry Meet, everyone!

I hope you all had a most wonderful Beltane no matter how you celebrated. For me, the sun ended up coming out later in the morning and I did make it outside to clean up our front lawn and flowerbeds.

Today, I wanted to write a first post in what I’m considering a “Beginner Series” of sorts. I hope to put out a post often on topics, ideas, and information that I’ve found very useful as a beginner. Now, I don’t believe that I have all the answers, far from it! I simply want to add my own voice to the sea of others out there, hoping that maybe someone can benefit from some of the things that I’ve learned along the way.

And so, welcome to the first post in my Beginner Series and it’s all about learning, reading, and absorbing all the information you can!

Learn Everything You Can

The number one piece of advice I have for anyone starting out along their path, or even anyone who is casually interested is to learn and read everything you can. I don’t believe it’s enough to read a single book and a couple articles online—this one included—and think you know all there is to know. We’re never done learning in our lifetimes and this is no exception.

There are so many paths to explore and many, many parts within each path, that it seems impossible to me that anyone could ever know it all. Not only that, I’ve read many accounts of a person’s path changing as they grow. Always, always keep reading, keep learning, and keep building a community by reaching out to others.

Spark Joy

Related to the first tip about learning everything you can, this one actually comes from the organization and decluttering method called The KonMari Method. The idea behind this method is to only keep things in your home that bring you joy. When I read this concept, I could immediately see how it can be applied to almost every aspect of someone’s life, be it objects, relationships, or magical paths and tools. You don’t need to do everything! Start with the things that interest you the most, learn and study them, and incorporate them into your practice. Or you might find the opposite happens, that you’re really interested in something, but the more you learn, you may realize it’s not for you, and that’s okay!


Start Slow, but Jump In

I know, that doesn’t seem to make sense, in fact, it sounds completely contradictory, but hear me out.

It wasn’t until I truly decided to dedicate some time every day to research, to study, or to practice in some way, that I really began to learn, grow, and to really feel connected. This is what I mean by jumping in. Really commit to your path and to learning. Jump in on researching and finding those things that spark joy and make you feel connected.

So if you’re jumping in full force, what do I mean by starting slow? I mean that you don’t need everything all at once. You don’t need an athame and a wand and a cauldron and a whole pile of incense and a quarry’s worth of stones and 10,000 candles in every colour and 8 Tarot decks. Start small by lighting some candles, find one incense that you like or one divination tool that suits you.

I’ll tell you a little story about my new pendulum:

As an artsy-type person, I love Tarot cards. In fact, I bought my first deck a decade before starting down this path. However, I never took the time to become proficient with them and now the deck doesn’t resonate with me the way it did when I first bought it. There is a stunning set that I want very much, but right now, the price tag is a bit more than I can justify on my fixed income. I found it in a bookshop while on vacation, but still couldn’t quite bring myself to take it home.

Five days later, at a rock and mineral show, I found my pendulum.


I’ve never been overly keen on using a pendulum, but this one truly chose me. There was a whole bucket of pendulums—a special price for the show—poured out on a table. I browsed through them while a friend was looking at cabochons. This beauty kept appearing on the top of the pile, no matter how much I stirred them around. Like a dummy, I ignored it and carried on shopping for other rocks and crystals.

Fast forward a couple hours and a few smashed geodes later, we decided to go back, mostly to buy more geodes. While walking around again, I told my friend about the pendulum. She’s not a witch herself but is incredibly supportive and one of the few people I’m fully out of the broom closet with. She told me I needed this pendulum, not because it was pretty, but because it came to me.

So, we sifted through this huge pile again and sure enough, that same pendulum surfaced and now is home with me. It’s currently sitting with my other purchases, waiting on a good smudging, but I haven’t been able to get it off my mind since I brought it home a week ago.

The moral of the story is that I have a new divination tool that chose me for 1/10 the price of the cards I want. Will I get those cards? Probably in the future, but for now I’m pleased as punch with my pendulum. And, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t have the time to truly dedicate to learning Tarot right now.

So, to wrap this incredibly long post up, read absolutely everything you can from wherever you can get it. Learn and study like you’re back in school. There’s so much to know that you’ll never be done. Focus on the parts that bring you joy. And be dedicated to learning and growing along your path. But don’t worry about not having all the right stuff to get started. Start where you are.

Now, I’m off to smudge my house for Spring and all my new pretties from the rock show, including my pendulum.

Love and light!


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