My Beltane Plans

Merry Meet, everyone and blessed Beltane to you!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Beltane celebrates the love between the god and the goddess. It symbolizes the return of vitality to the earth and both passion and hopes consummated, like the joining of the god and goddess.

It’s represented in the greening of the grass, the blooming of flowers, and the overall strengthening of the sun. Fires are lit and celebrations had by all.

Being still fairly new along my path, my Beltane plans were simple. I purchased some packets of wildflower seeds and had intended on planting them and cleaning up the yard. The weather, however, has decided not to cooperate with those plans. I woke up this morning and discovered it’s raining.

I’m a little disappointed because Beltane is the first sabbat I’ve really been prepared for so far.

Instead, I lit some incense and meditated on the celebration and the season. I have some herb seeds I’m still going to plant a little later this morning and hope that it stops raining so I may, at the very least, rake the lawns.

Regardless of whether or not I make it out into the yard to do some work, I will continue to spend the day mindful of the sabbat, the earth, and the season.

Have a great day, everyone! Love and light!


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